The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker – Dec 2010 Victoria Times-Colonist

Actor and director Wendy Merk is once again the narrator, introducing characters and explaining the action for newbies.

“It is so fun performing with these dancers who give off so much energy,” said Merk, who is playing the part of an aged Clara, looking back on her special Christmas.

“It’s really a magical show combining the excitement and anticipation of the audience, wonderful music of Tchaikovsky, which is tremendously enjoyable and sweeps you along, and the dancers, in their beautiful costumes, showing off their great skill.”

She loves watching the young children “getting caught up in it all.”

It’s very different from the work she usually does. “As an actor or director, I focus on the words, but with dancers it’s the opposite. I guide the movement — offering the bones of a story, which dancers flesh out.”

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